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These images are of SmartSieve version 1.0-RC2.

Login page.

Manage sieve scripts.
Manage your sieve scripts on the server. Create new scripts, rename or delete existing scripts, and select which script is the active script.

Filters list.
Users are able to manage their mail filter rules. Filter rules can be disabled, deleted or the order of rules changed. Special rules, like vacation or whitelist rules, are clearly indicated. The content of each rule is displayed in textual form form clarity.

Editing a filter rule.
Each filter rule consists of match conditions (optional) and a set of actions. Users can build a rule in an intuitive way.

Sanity checking.
Error messages are clearly displayed to assist the user.

Creating a custom rule.
SmartSieve allows you to create filter rules with bits of custom sieve.

Users can specify a list of email addresses to exclude from filtering.

Mail forwarding.
Users can specify an address to redirect mail to.

Vacation (out-of-office) settings.

Filter spam.
Allow users to create spam filter rules according to centrally defined criteria. All they then need to do is specify what they want to do with mail matching your criteria.

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